Zakir Hussain

Ashveta Budhrani / CC BY-SA (
Indian Percussionist, Composer, Actor, and Music Producer • Born 1951
Fast Facts
  • Master tabla player who fuses Indian music with other international musical genres
  • Born in Mumbai, India (Bombay)
  • His father Allah Rakha was also a famous tabla player
  • Attended both Islamic madrassas and Catholic school as a child
  • Started to perform at age 12 and was also interested in Rock-and-roll music in his youth
  • Received doctorate degree from the University of Washington
  • Actively tours throughout the world, giving as many as 150 concerts per year
  • Has collaborated with the Grateful Dead and George Harrison and was part of the band Shakti
  • Has composed music for many films and has won numerous music awards, including a Grammy
  • Married to Italian-American Kathak dancer, Antonia Minnecola, and has two daughters and a grandchild

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