Evelyn Glennie

Photo by Phillipp Rathmer, 2015. Used with permission from evelyn.co.uk. 

Scottish Percussionist • Born 1965 • Classical Music

Fast Facts

Dame Evelyn Glennie…

  • Is the first full-time classical solo percussionist in the world
  • Won 2 Grammy Awards
  • Has recorded 30 CDs
  • Performed at the 2012 Olympics
  • Gives 100+ performances per year all over the world
  • Has received over 100 international awards
  • Attended the Royal Academy of Music in London
  • Received Damehood in 2007, awarded by the British Queen
  • Is featured in the 2004 film Touch the Sound
  • Owns over 2,000 instruments
  • Has been profoundly deaf since age 12
  • Often performs barefoot in order to feel sound vibrations

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