Sheila E

Justin Higuchi from Los Angeles, CA, USA / CC BY (

American Percussionist/Singer • Born December 12, 1957 • Funk, Jazz, R&B, Pop, Rock

Fast Facts

  • Sheila Escavedo (Sheila E) came from a very musical family, including her percussionist father Pete Escavedo, 4 musical uncles, and her godfather Tito Puente
  • Her father is of Mexican/American descent, and her mother is of Creole-French/African descent.
  • Equal to her passion for music is her desire to help others. 
  • Her career took a major turn when she met Prince backstage after a gig.  Her work with Prince inspired her to expand beyond percussion, starting her solo singing career. 
  • Sheila E’s style varies, including: Latin, Jazz and R&B.  Her style also changes with the times.