Tito Henriquez

Photo courtesy of Maria Del Valle Brin

Puerto Rican Singer and Composer • 1920-1994

Fast Facts

  • Tito Henriquez’s full name is Faustino Serapio Henriquez Diaz.
  • Tito Henriquez was born in Santurce, Puerto Rico.
  • His most famous piece is called “Bello Amanecer” which translates to “Beautiful Sunrise.” The lyrics describe pride for being born in such a beautiful place as Puerto Rico. 
  • Tito Henriquez wrote the song “Quinceañera” to celebrate his daughter’s fifteenth birthday. 
  • Tito Henriquez learned to play the guitar as a child, and played the bass in his quartet. 
  • He composed music for musicians and groups including Ruth Fernandez, Tito Rodriguez, and El Gran Combo.

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