By Steve Terrell –, CC BY 2.0,

Inuit Soul Music and Dance Group • Active 1995 – Present • Indigenous Alaskan

Fast Facts

  • Pamyua has four members.
  • Phillip and Stephen Blanchett are brothers.
  • Ossie Kairaiuak is a master Yup’ik drum maker, illustrator, and dancer.
  • Karina Moeller joined the band in 1996 and composes and arranges some of their music.
  • Pamyua is the Yup’ik word for Encore or Do it again.
  • Pamyua created their own style of music by harmonizing and re-arranging traditional Inuit stories and melodies.
  • Pamyua wrote the theme song for Molly of Denali.
  • They have also written music for Flying Wild Alaska.