Aretha Franklin

American Singer, Known as the “Queen of Soul” • 1942-2018 • R&B, Soul, & Gospel

Fast Facts

  • Born in Memphis, Tennessee in March of 1942
  • Defined the Golden Age of Soul Music in the 1960s
  • Mother was a gospel singer and pianist, father was a nationally-renowned minister
  • Raised in Detroit by her father when her parents divorced
  • Performed gospel music around the country when he preached in cities across the US and was recognized as a vocal prodigy
  • Transitioned from sacred to secular music at age 18
  • Was signed by Atlantic Records in 1966, where she was able to develop her own musical identity
  • Known for hits including “Respect”, “Think” and “Natural Woman”
  • Refined her own mix of gospel and R&B and was dubbed the “Queen of Soul”
  • Died in Detroit, Michigan in August of 2018

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