Allauddin Khan

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Indian Sarod Player & ComposerOctober 8, 1862 – September 6, 1972 • Indian Classical Music (Hindustani)

Fast Facts

  • Allauddin Khan was born in 1862 in what would become Bangladesh, and lived to be 109 years old!
  • His family at first wouldn’t let him study music, but his older brother started teaching him
  • He ran away as a child and joined a traveling theatre group, called a Jatra Theatre, claiming to be an orphan
  • Allauddin travelled around Bangladesh and India, where he learned all about folk art and music
  • He played and composed for the sarod, but he also played many other instruments
  • Allauddin was a court musician for the Maharajah of Maihar
  • He formed the Maihar Band with 100 orphaned children, which continues to this day
  • He invented new instruments by blending others together, ex. Chandra Sarang is a violin and sarod
  • He taught many famous musicians, including his children Ali Akbar Khan and Annapurna Devi.
  • His student, Ravi Shankar is credited with making the sitar known worldwide.

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